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MPAA Rating - PG

    88 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Dec 12, 2000

    Stanley Tong

    Leslie Nielsen, Kelly Lynch, Matt Keeslar, Nick Chinlund, Stephen Tobolowsky

Movie Summary
Action-adventure director Stanley Tong (Supercop, Rumble in the Bronx) did a change of pace by directing this live-action adaptation of UPAs bumbling, near-sighted Mr. Magoo the animated-series character created during the 40s by John Hubley and others for the cartoon short Ragtime Bear (1949). Millionaire Quincy Magoo (Leslie Nielsen) wont admit he needs glasses, so nephew Waldo (Matt Keeslar) removes obstacles in Magoos path. At a museum exhibition, when Magoo steps up to cut a ceremonial ribbon but instead severs a power line, it sets in motion events making Magoo the target during an international manhunt -- while he continually escapes mishaps by inches. Greg Burson does the voice of Magoo in animated sequences at the films beginning and end. During the 50s, the animated character (voiced by Jim Backus) led to two Oscars -- for the jazz-scored Rooty Toot Toot(1952) and the CinemaScope When Magoo Flew(1955). ~ Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide


Posted: 08/30/11
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