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MPAA Rating - PG

    90 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Jun 4, 2002

    Tommy Chong

    Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Roy Dotrice, Roy Dotrice, Shelby Fiddis, Rikki Marin

Movie Summary
Filmed on location Somewhere in France, this umpteenth version of Dumas The Corsican Brothers stars the zoned-out comedy team of Cheech and Chong. Perhaps inspired by the Ritz Bros. spin on The Three Musketeers, the duo retains enough of the original story (about twin brothers who feel one anothers pain) to keep the plot going, but try to inject their own peculiar brand of humor throughout. The films highlight is a duel with two loaves of stale bread. Yes, thats the highlight. Just as the 1930s comedy team of Wheeler and Woolsey lost their audience when they dropped their risque humor and Prohibition gags, so too do Cheech and Chong falter when not indulging in the drug-oriented comedy which made them famous in the early 1970s. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


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