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MPAA Rating - n/a

    103 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Apr 13, 1999

    Michael Gordon

    Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter, Nick Adams

Movie Summary
The fabulously successful Pillow Talk was essentially Shop Around the Corner for the 1950s. Playboy composer Rock Hudson and interior-decorator Doris Day are obliged to share a telephone party line. Naturally, their calls overlap at the least opportune times, and just as naturally, this leads to Hudson and Day despising each other without ever having met in person. In a cute but convenient coincidence, Doris boy friend is Tony Randall, who also happens to be Hudsons best pal. Thus Hudson gets a glimpse at Day, and its love at first sight. To avoid revealing that hes her telephone rival, Hudson poses as a wealthy Texan and turns the charm on Day. But when he starts pitching woo, Day instantly recognizes all the make-out lines Hudson has used on the phone with his other conquests. She gets even by decorating Hudsons apartment in a hideous manner. But Hudson loves her all the same; he kidnaps her, carrying her through the streets in her nightgown in full view of everyone, including a laughing cop who refuses to intervene. He praises her horrifying interior decoration job effusively, and at this point Day cant help but give in to his marriage proposal. A bit too arch and cute for modern tastes at times, Pillow Talk is still one of the best of the frothy Doris Day-Rock Hudson vehicles; it made a fortune at the box office and garnered five Oscar nominations. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


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