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MPAA Rating - n/a

    114 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Nov 26, 1997

    Pedro Almodóvar

    Verónica Forqué, Peter Coyote, Victoria Abril, Alex Casanovas, Rossy de Palma

Movie Summary
Spanish director Pedro Almodovar returns to his recurring framework of offbeat sexuality and death with this colorful comedy. Kika (Veronica Forque) is a Madrid makeup artist who falls in love with Ramon (Alex Casanovas), a dead man whose face Kika is hired to prepare for a funeral. Kikas attraction resurrects Ramon, and the two begin cohabiting. Kika becomes embroiled in a pair of criminal schemes, one involving her maid Juana (Rossy De Palma) and Juanas amorous, retarded brother Pablo (Santiago Lajusticia), the other involving Ramons father, Nicholas (Peter Coyote). After Kika is raped by Pablo, she learns the incident was videotaped by Ramon, the footage ending up on a tabloid television program hosted by Andrea Scarface (Victoria Abril). Kika and Ramon split, but the latter discovers his fathers complicity in the demise of his mother, leading to a violent confrontation. Because of Almodovars humorous treatment of the films rape, Kika was his third feature in a row that resulted in critical accusations of misogyny and exploitation. His subsequent material became more dramatic and less tinged with black humor. ~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide


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