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MPAA Rating - R

    95 Minutes

    Science Fiction

Original Release Date:
    Jun 22, 1999

    Stuart Gordon

    Christopher Lambert, Loryn Locklin, Kurtwood Smith, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez

Movie Summary
Elements of Orwellian science-fiction and old-fashioned prison dramas are combined in this futuristic action film, as an unjustly imprisoned couple attempts to escape from a high-tech jail known as The Fortress. The Fortress is the tool of a repressive government, an imposing, computerized hell, featuring lasers for cell bars, robot guards, computerized brainwashing, and the like. Still, some things never change, including the presence of an evil warden, who harasses the pretty wife while her husband frantically searches for a way out. The special effects and design work are effective, particularly in comparison to the films modest budget, but the story will undoubtedly seem disappointingly predictable to many viewers. Nevertheless, the films blend of competent (if unoriginal) action and technology proved enough of a draw to make the film a financial success internationally, though it received little notice in the United States. ~ Judd Blaise, All Movie Guide


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