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MPAA Rating - n/a

    58 Minutes

    Travel [nf]

Original Release Date:
    Jul 6, 1999

    Bruce Neibaur

    Kate Maberly, Timothy Davies

Movie Summary
After hundreds of years of research we still have no clue how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings. We still dont know why the Sphinx was built. We still dont know very much about the society. We have many hypotheses, and a great deal of conjecture. Mysteries of Egypt is a detailed look at the wonders the Egyptians left behind. Originally filmed in the IMAX format, this movie was intended to make you feel as if you were actually walking down the sandy corridor, heading toward a pharaohs burial chamber. Director Bruce Neibaur has compiled 63 breathtaking minutes of film that will have your heart pumping. With aerial views of the great pyramids and the Nile delta, you are sure to be awed; but even more assured is the feeling of mystery that will present itself in every scene. Omar Sharif adds to the intensity with his playful narration, escorting you to and from the great sites of Egypt. The DVD release of Mysteries of Egypt (a Slingshot Entertainment release) also includes a bonus short film on the making of the Mysteries of Egypt. ~ Ed Atkinson, All Movie Guide


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