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MPAA Rating - R

    90 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Sep 23, 2003

Movie Summary
Mike (Paris Campbell) feels bad about the way he earns his money, conning and drugging runaway girls to get them to his boss, the sleazy pimp, Lamar (Will Sierra), and Lamars vicious enforcer, Ivan (Lev Gorens). Mike is also a drug addict, and hes in love with one of Lamars prostitutes, the hardened Rhonda (Christina Caparoula), who thinks hes a loser, and will only consider having sex with him for money. Lamar suspects Mike of stealing from him, he sends two corrupt cops, Dibbs (apper Greg Nice) and Maroni (Jason Madera), out to deal with him. They beat Mike, stab him, and leave him lying for dead in the street. A young Christian couple, Kelly (Angela Grant) and Don (Kohl Norville), find Mike and get him to the hospital, where he is miraculously revived. Mike recovers with a newfound fear for his immortal soul. He gets a job, gives up crack, and begins reading the Bible and attending church with Kelly and Don. But he still loves Rhonda, and desperate to get her out of the life, he tells her about the money he stole from Lamar. Rhonda betrays him, and Lamar decides that rather than just kill Mike, hell destroy his soul. Suckerpunch marks the feature debut of writing and directing team Jeff and Josh Crook. It features music from Greg Nice, Pete Rock, Leaders of the New School, and the Beatnuts, whose Juju and Psycho Ray also act in the film. Suckerpunch was shown at the 2002 Urbanworld Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide


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