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MPAA Rating - n/a

    104 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Feb 10, 1998

    John Woo

    Sandrine Holt, Ivan Sergei, Nicholas Lea, Michael Wong, Jennifer Dale

Movie Summary
This two-hour pilot for the Canadian TV series is inspired by John Woos 1991 Hong Kong film of the same title, but the story has been altered extensively. Mac (Ivan Sergei) and Li Ann (Sandrine Holt) are the foster children of a powerful crime boss. With their foster fathers biological son Michael (Michael Wong), the three make up a trio of high-tech burglars. When Li Ann is forced to become engaged to Michael, she tries to escape with Mac, whom she really loves. On their way, they pull a failed heist on one of their adoptive fathers warehouses. Mac goes to prison believing Li Ann is dead. Years later, he is released from prison by a covert law enforcement agency based in Vancouver and is pressed into using his skills for good. He discovers that Li Ann is a part of this agency, but so is her new fiancÚ Victor (Nicholas Lea). When theyre assigned to stop a Hong Kong crime family thats taking over Vancouver, they realize theyre going to meet with Michael once again. The fact that this thriller is actually a television program and not a feature is evident in its slightly lower production values; however, Woo proved with the original Once a Thief that he could make a thriller without much violence, and the 1996 edition still has the ability to entertain. ~ Jonathan E. Laxamana, All Movie Guide


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