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MPAA Rating - NR

    128 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Jun 1, 2004

    Michael Curtiz

    John Alvin, Cary Grant, Eve Arden, Alexis Smith, Herman Bing, Monty Woolley, Paul Cavanagh, Jane Wyman, Tom D'Andrea, Dorothy Malone

Movie Summary
Faced with the challenge of writing a screenplay based on the life of fabulously wealthy, fabulously successful composer Cole Porter, one Hollywood wag came up with a potential story angle: How does the S.O.B. make his second million dollars? By the time the Porter iopic Night and Day was released, the three-person scriptwriting team still hadnt come up with a compelling storyline, though the film had the decided advantages of star Cary Grant and all that great Porter music. Roughly covering the years 1912 to 1946, the story begins during Porters undergraduate days at Yale University, where he participated in amateur theatricals under the tutelage of waspish professor Monty Woolley (who plays himself). Though Porters inherited wealth could have kept him out of WWI, he insists upon signing up as an ambulance driver. While serving in France, he meets nurse Linda Lee (Alexis Smith), who will later become his wife. Focusing his attentions on Broadway and the London stage in the postwar years, Porter pens an unbroken string of hit songs, including Just One of Those Things, Youre the Top, I Get a Kick Out of You, Begin the Beguine, and the title number. The composition of this last-named song is one of the films giddy highlights, as Porter, inspired by the drip drip drip of an outsized rainstorm, runs to the piano and cries I think Ive got it! The films dramatic conflict arises when Porter is crippled for life in a polo accident. Refusing to have his legs amputated, he makes an inspiring comeback, even prompting a WWI amputee to remark upon his courage! Corny and unreliable as iography, Night and Day is redeemed by the guest appearances of musical luminaries Mary Martin (doing a spirited if disappointingly demure version of her striptease number My Heart Belongs to Daddy) and Ginny Simms, the latter cast as an ersatz Ethel Merman named Carole Hill. Jane Wyman, seen as Porters pre-nuptial sweetheart Gracie Harris, also gets to sing and dance, and quite well indeed. Beset with production problems, not least of which was the ongoing animosity between star Grant and director Michael Curtiz, Night and Day managed to finish filming on schedule, and proved to be an audience favorite -- except for those in the know Broadwayites who were bemused over the fact that Cole Porters well-known homosexuality was necessarily weaned from the screenplay. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


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