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MPAA Rating - R

    112 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Nov 30, 2004

Movie Summary
Two siblings seek a common goal from two sides of the law in this drama. John Phelan, an Irish-American dockworker, one day makes the mistake of getting into an argument with the goons who control his union; John throws some punches, and Mafia thugs associated with the union gun him down in retaliation. Many years later, Johns two sons have taken decidedly different paths in life -- Sean (Daniel Baldwin) is a criminal with a prison record and ties to the upper echelon of the Irish Mafia, while Thomas John Novak) is a district attorney for the city of Boston. Both brothers have their own plans for one day getting revenge against the gangsters who killed their father, but while they usually keep their distance from one another out of necessity, circumstances force them to come together when they learn the Union-affiliated mobsters have taken it upon themselves to bring down both brothers. Also featuring Wings Hauser and Curtis Armstrong, Vendetta: No Conscience, No Mercy has been screened under the alternate titles Irish Eyes and Irish Eyes Are Crying. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide


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