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MPAA Rating - NR

    40 Minutes

    History [nf]

Original Release Date:
    Jun 25, 1997

Movie Summary
Originally presented in IMAX theatres, The First Emperor of China has been shrunk down and released by Slingshot Entertainment in DVD and VHS formats for the world to enjoy in the comfort of home. This stylish documentary tells the story of how Qin Shihuang united, through diplomacy and force, the Chinese land and people. Considering the age of the Chinese culture, much of this story has never been fully revealed to the Western audience. This 40 minute film delves deeply into the history of the first imperial reign with dazzling re-creations of major events and wars, as well as modern views of amazing sites like the inner sanctum of Emperor Qins royal palace. With a rise of curiosity in ancient China, this documentary will help a great many people understand the pride many Chinese hold in their culture. Directors Tony Ianzelo and Liu Hao Xue present a masterful piece of filmmaking that is aptly supported by a musical score from Eldon Rathburn and Zhao Ji Ping that combines the modern and the ancient. The The First Emperor of China DVD is Internet ready for further exploration and equipped with menu options that make it easy for the viewer to often visit their favorite sections. ~ Ed Atkinson, All Movie Guide


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