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MPAA Rating - NR

    129 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Jun 13, 2000

    Dariush Mehrjui

    Leila Hatami, Ali Mosaffa, Jamileh Sheikhi, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Turan Mehrzad

Movie Summary
Iranian filmmaker Dariush Mehrjui (Gav) directed and co-wrote this tale of a womans dissolving marriage in contemporary Iran. Leila (Leila Hatami) meets her future husband, Reza (Ali Mosaffa), when a friend brings him to a family event. Two months later, theyre married, and things seem to be blissful. The middle-class couple has a playful and loving relationship, but their happiness is jeopardized when they discover that Leila cannot bear children. As the couple tries various tests and alternate methods of conception to no avail, Reza continually reassures Leila that its not important to him to have children -- only to be with her. But Reza is the only male child in his family, and his mother (Jamileh Sheikhi), an old-fashioned woman, is determined for him to have a son to continue the family line. She continually harangues Leila, telling her that Reza desperately wants a child, even if he insists to Leila that he doesnt. Eventually all the pressure from Rezas mother and her own feelings of inadequacy get to Leila, and she agrees to allow Reza to take a second wife who can have his child. As the couple grow more despondent and uncertain as to how to please one another, Reza, unable to assuage Leilas guilt, reluctantly agrees to meet several women his mother has selected as potential second wives. At first, Reza and Leila joke about the unsuitability of the women hes fixed up with, and rediscover some of the joy in their own loving marriage, but eventually their resistance wears down, and they both give in to his mothers wishes. ~ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide


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