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Romance 1981 PG

Plot: The ads for Arthur suggested that this was an obnoxious film about an obnoxious man, an eternally drunken millionaire indulging his every whim. Instead, Arthur (Dudley Moore) is a sweet, ...

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  Ben & Arthur
Drama 2002

Plot: Directed by Sam Mraovich, Ben & Arthur follows a gay couple determined to get married in America, despite having to face disapproval every step of the way. Complicating the issue even fur ...

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  Arthur and the Invisibles [WS]
Children's/Family 2006 PG

Plot: On the heels of his first foray into omantic comedy, versatile French filmmaker Luc Besson breaks new ground yet again with this computer-animated, family-friendly adaptation of his own childrens

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  King Arthur [WS & Extended Unrated Version]
Adventure 2004 NR

Plot: An ambitious attempt to wed the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table with known historical facts of the era, this action adventure drama begins with the fall of the Ro ...

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Cellular [WS]

Cold Feet



Vampire Journals

Lion King 1 1/2 [2 Discs]