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MPAA Rating - PG

    94 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Sep 18, 2001

    Simon Wincer

    Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, Jere Burns, Jonathan Banks, Serge Cockburn

Movie Summary
Director Simon Wincer teams up with his fellow Australian and star Paul Hogan for this second follow-up to the 1986 sleeper hit. Mick Dundee (Hogan) is still making his home in the tiny outback town of Walkabout Creek with his significant other Sue (Linda Kozlowski), and now joined by their young son Mikey (Serge Cockburn). Crocodile hunting has been made illegal, and Mick has been reduced to wrestling the animals for tourists. When an opportunity comes up for Sue to take over as L.A. bureau chief of a newspaper owned by her father, Mick and family cross the Pacific to California. There, Mick and his sons encounters with the natives cause more than a few cross-cultural mishaps, including a massive traffic jam on the freeway when the Dundees attempt an animal rescue. In the meantime, Mick becomes an amateur sleuth helping to probe the mysterious death of his wifes predecessor at the newspaper. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles was inspired by star Hogans real-life move to Los Angeles. ~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide


Posted: 01/30/12
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