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MPAA Rating - NR

    262 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    May 7, 2002

    Felix E. Feist

    Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore, Edgar Buchanan, John Archer

Movie Summary
Ever since slipping into Public Domain, The Big Trees has become one of the most accessible and oft-televised of Kirk Douglas pictures. Douglas plays an unscrupulous lumberjack who covets the land owned by a religious sect. All thats saving him from being the films main villain is the fact that theres an even nastier contingent out to claim the sects territory. His greed tempered by the love of pious Eve Miller, Douglas turns out to be a good guy after all in the films climax. Watch for Alan Hale Jr. as Tiny, doubling for his own father, who appears in long-shot in the stock footage. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


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