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MPAA Rating - PG13

    90 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Sep 21, 1999

    Sam Weisman

    Gregory Jbara, Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn, Mark McKinney, John Cleese, Oliver Hudson

Movie Summary
When Frank Sinatra sang If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere, its up to you, New York! he probably didnt have the same odds in mind that line up against Henry and Nancy Clark in The Out-Of-Towners. Henry (Steve Martin) is an advertising man from Ohio who runs his life on an exacting schedule. His wife Nancy (Goldie Hawn) feels the spark has gone out of their lives together. After 24 years of marriage, their children are grown and nothing is tying them to their old home, so they decide to take a stab at relocating to New York City. Henry arranges a job interview in the Big Apple, they schedule a flight into Manhattan, and from that point on, anything that can go wrong does go wrong. Henry and Nancys flight is delayed, their luggage is lost, their hotel reservations are cancelled, theyre accosted by muggers, the cab theyre riding in gets in a wreck, Henry is accidentally drugged and Nancy ends up in a group therapy meeting for sex addicts. The Out-Of-Towners is an updated remake of the 1970 comedy scripted by Neil Simon; the original version starred Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis as the hapless Midwesterners. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide


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