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MPAA Rating - G

    49 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Jul 20, 2004

    Mike Fallows

Movie Summary
Based on a series of childrens books by David Kirk, this cartoon special features the voice of Brooke Shields as Miss Spider, a sensible young arachnid who, within a few minutes after the opening credits, has become Mrs. Spider. Happily wed to the nerdish but loveable Holley (voiced by Rick Moranis), Miss Spider hopes to experience the joys of a genuine family, something denied her when she was adopted as an infant. Alas, things get off to a shaky start when the spiders wedding party is spoiled by a huge, rampaging chicken. Not long afterward, however, Miss Spiders son Squirt demonstrates that even huge, rampaging chickens can have maternal feelings when he tries to unite an egg with its mama. Employing 3-D animation, vivid characterizations and eminently delightful colors and background art, Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Kids was produced by Canadas Nelvana studios on behalf of the Nickelodeon cable service, where it first aired on March 31, 2003. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


Posted: 02/06/12
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