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MPAA Rating - R

    90 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Apr 11, 2000

    John Terlesky

    Ice-T, Suzy Amis, Linden Ashby, Mario Van Peebles

Movie Summary
This sci-fi thriller finds the world in imminent danger when a collision in outer space sends huge pieces of interstellar debris on a path headed straight for Earth. A scientist has designed a system that would stop the largest meteor fragments from striking the earth, but a fanatical religious cult have made it their business to stop him. A convicted murderer (Ice-T) with ties to the group must now join forces with an FBI agent (Suzy Amis) to free the scientist from the cults clutches and prevent millions of needless deaths. Mario Van Peebles and Linden Ashby appear in supporting roles. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide


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