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MPAA Rating - n/a

    82 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Mar 25, 1998

    Andrew Chin

    Jan Lam, Lai Sui-yan, Tsui Hark, Ko Min-fai, Wong Yu-min

Movie Summary
Tsui Hark is the executive producer, production designer, and screenwriter of this 82-minute Chinese animated feature displaying a full panoply of magical supergods, vexing spirits, and mere mortals. After debt collector Ning (voice of Jan Lam) loses his girlfriend Siu Lan (Lasi Suiyan), he beckons his playful dog, Solid Gold (Tsui Hark), and the two embark on fantastic adventures encountering the attractive Shine (Anita Yuen), a follower of Madame Trunk (Kelly Chen). Their eventual goal is to board the Reincarnation Train in hopes of getting Shine reborn. The original Siu Sin title is Shines name in Chinese. To realize this fluid-action fantasy, animators at Tsui Harks Film Workshop in Hong Kong labored for four years. Shown at the 1997 Toronto Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide


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