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MPAA Rating - n/a

    98 Minutes


Original Release Date:
    Jan 3, 2006

Movie Summary
Filmed on a shoestring budget, the heavily plotted, direct-to-video Hispanic melodrama Murder on the Border interweaves the stories of Eduardo Martinez, a Latino defense attorney and U.S. resident, and Rick Scalo, a U.S./Mexican border patrol guard. The mens lives become hopelessly entangled after Martinezs Mexican family members, residing on the far side of the border, opt to cross illegally, and Scalo is charged with shooting dead an illegal Mexican immigrant boy. Assigned to defend Scalo, Martinezs case becomes a thousand times worse when the shifty officer attempts to extort an in-court victory from Martinez in exchange for his familys safe passage into the States. Sensing that the Martinez family may actually be threatened by Scalo and his nefarious friends, reporter Nivea Rodriguez comes to Eduardos aid by warning everyone of the threats posed by Scalo. Gabriel Traversari and Alpha Acosta star. ~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide


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