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MPAA Rating - R

    87 Minutes

    Culture & Society

Original Release Date:
    Oct 17, 2000

    Albert Hughes

Movie Summary
Albert and Allen Hughes, the writing and directing team of Menace II Society and Dead Presidents, turn their documentary eye to the world of street pimps in this 1999 Sundance Film Festival Documentary Competition entry. The black urban pimps interviewed here open up to reveal their world and their secrets to the camera in a film that is not about sex, but about power. We meet pimps named Filmore Slim, C-Note, K-Red, Gorgeous Dre, and Rosebudd as they discuss their business, including percentages, lifestyles, stealing hos, and the Players Ball. These men exude charm and charisma, and boast ock-star status in their communities, with expensive clothes, cars, and bankrolls. The film works as an allegory to the film and music industries, where people are lured with glamour and money, only to be used as commodity and tossed out once they have passed their prime. The film also traces the history of the street pimp from the 20s to the present, with particular emphasis on the 70s pimp, whose lifestyle was exposed in the laxploitation films of the 70s. ~ Chris Gore, All Movie Guide


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