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  My Name Is Bill W.

Plot: My Name Is Bill W reunited the stars of the highly acclaimed 1986 TV movie The Promise: James Garner and James Woods. This time Woods has the bigger role as the real-life Bi ...

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  Steamboat Bill, Jr.
Comedy 1928

Plot: Not the best of Buster Keatons silents, Steamboat Bill, Jr. nonetheless contains some of Keatons best and most spectacular sight gags. Keaton plays Willie Canfield, the namby-pamby son of ...

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  Kill Bill Vol. 1
Action 2003 R

Plot: Perhaps the most highly anticipated film of 2003, Kill Bill Vol. 1 marked the return of renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino after a six-year hiatus. Re-teaming the director with Uma Thur ...

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  Kill Bill Vol. 2
Action 2004 R

Plot: Quentin Tarantinos sprawling homage to action films of both the East and the West reaches its conclusion in this continuation of 2003s ultra-violent Kill Bill Vol. 1. Having dispat ...

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  Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music
Music [nf] 1993 NR

Plot: Bill Monroe was inarguably the single most important and influential figure in the history of bluegrass music. Fusing the fiddle and madolin sounds of the Eastern Kentucky Hills with the guitars of rur ...

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  Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson
Western 1976 PG

Plot: Truth is whatever gets the loudest applause. Debunking western myths even more than he did in McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), Robert Altmans Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting ...

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  Bill's Gun Shop

Plot: A young gun enthusiast longing for a permit to carry soon finds that wielding a firearm can be a weighty responsibility in a chilling hriller that follows in the tense tradition of Elmore Leonard. Twen ...

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