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Drama 1991 R

Plot: Based on a gritty, semi-autobiographical novel by author Kim Wozencraft, this crime thriller was adapted for the screen by noir novelist Pete Dexter and marked the directorial debut of producer ...

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  Rush Week
Thriller 1988

Plot: Its fraternity and sorority rush week and beautiful coeds are being murdered. A dedicated reporter (Pamela Ludwig) is determined to discover the murderer. Gregg Allman (the Allman Brothers) makes a bri ...

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  Rush Hour
Action 1998 PG13

Plot: Brett Ratner directed this action-comedy that found box-office success by teaming Chris Tucker with Jackie Chan -- performing his own stunts as per his earlier films. As the story begins, Hong-Kong sup ...

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  Terminal Rush
Thriller 1995 R

Plot: In this explosive action drama, Johnny Price (Don The Dragon Wilson) was once a high-ranking officer in the military and a decorated war hero, but after he was convicted of a crime he didnt commit, he ...

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  Gold Rush
Comedy 1925 NR

Plot: He may be called The Lone Prospector in The Gold Rush, but the character played by Charlie Chaplin is the same wistful, resourceful Little Tramp that had been entertaining the world and i ...

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  Dinner Rush
Comedy Drama 2000 R

Plot: Music may be the food of love, but a group of gangsters are singing a very different tune at a fancy New York dining room in this dark comedy. Louis (Danny Aiello) is the owner of an upscale restaurant ...

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