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  John Q.
Drama 2002 PG13

Plot: A national health care crisis in the United States yields this tense drama from screenwriter James Kearns and director Nick Cassavetes, who experienced a real-life dilemma with his daughters con ...

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  John John in the Sky
Drama 2001 PG13

Plot: Christian Craft stars in this 2001 coming-of-age drama from writer/director Jefferson Davis. The son of an abusive father played by country crooner Randy Travis, young John John devises a ...

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  Fishing with John


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  Being John Malkovich
Comedy 1999 R

Plot: Would you pay money to journey into the mind of the star of Con Air, The Killing Fields, and In The Line of Fire? Puppeteer Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) is ha ...

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  Meet John Doe
Comedy Drama 1941 NR

Plot: The first of director Frank Capras independent productions (in partnership with Robert Riskin), Meet John Doe begins with the end of reporter Ann Mitchells (Barbara Stanwyck) job. Fired a ...

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  U.S. vs. John Lennon
Music [nf] 2006 PG13

Plot: Filmmakers David Leaf and John Scheinfeld offer a compelling look at the efforts of the United States government to silence one of ock & rolls most outspoken war critics in this documentary deta ...

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  John Denver: A Portrait
Music [nf] 1994 NR

Plot: Singer and songwriter John Denver gained international fame for his simple paeans to the beauty of nature and the glories of love, as reflected in such songs as Rocky Mountain High, Sunshine ...

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  John Fogerty: Premonition
Music [nf] 1998

Plot: John Fogerty offers up 90 minutes of high octane rock & roll in this concert video, which includes hits from his years with Creedence Clearwater Revival as well as plenty of gems from his solo career. ...

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  Gospel of John [2 Discs]
Epic 2003 PG13

Plot: Veteran British filmmaker Philip Saville directs the eligious epic The Gospel of John, a production of the Canadian company Visual Bible International. This three-hour drama ...

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  John Ritter Is Man of the Year
Drama 2003

Plot: The brain-child of director and executive producer Straw Weisman, Man of the Year is billed as a eality/surveillance/improv/drama. In fact, the film was shot in one night, with no ...

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  John Denver: The Wildlife Concert
Music [nf] 1995

Plot: John Denver performs a wide variety of hits from throughout his career in this special video concert, which was released shortly before his untimely death. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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  John Cleese: How to Irritate People
Comedy 1968

Plot: No kidding: they need a video to tell us how to do this? Actually, How to Irritate People is a collection of TV skits, conceived in the mid-1960s by future Monty Python star ...

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  John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars
Action 2001 R

Plot: Writer and director John Carpenter returns to the mixture of science fiction and horror that made The Thing (1982) a success. Natasha Henstridge stars as Lt. Melanie Ballard of the Martia ...

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  John Denver: Montana Christmas Skies
Music [nf] 1991 NR

Plot: John Denver is joined by guest stars Clint Black, Kathy Mattea, and Patty Loveless in this video (originally aired as a TV special in 1991) that offers a down-home sampling of the joy and beauty of the ...

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  John Cleese: Romance With a Double Bass
Romance 1974

Plot: You never heard of this one? It might be because Romance with a Double Bass isnt a feature film at all, but a 40-minute short subject, designed for British television. John Cleese, still ...

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  John Tucker Must Die [Sweet Revenge Edition]

Plot: Three teenagers two-timed by a local lothario decide to turn the tables on him in this omantic comedy. John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is the big man on campus at his high school -- hes the captain and st ...

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  American Icon: John Wayne [2 Discs]

Plot: Set in the South Seas, Seven Sinners stars Marlene Dietrich as a cabaret singer whose reputation as a troublemaker has gotten her kicked out of one port of call after another. Once more c ...

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  John Wayne: The Fugitive - The Young Duke Series

Plot: So unknown was John Wayne in 1934 that the Variety review of the B-western Sagebrush Trail fails to list Wayne in the cast! The second of the Dukes films for Lone Star Productions, ...

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  Tribute to John Coltrane: Select Live Under The Sky '87, 10th Special
Music [nf] 1987

Plot: The great jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter pays tribute to one of the true legends of American music, John Coltrane, in this concert taped at Japans Select Live Under the Sky jazz festival in 1987. Joini ...

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